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Meet the Equicity Experts

Welcome to the heart of Equicity – our dedicated team. United by a passion for digital excellence, we’re a diverse group of marketing mavens, design wizards, SEO strategists, and tech enthusiasts.

Each of us brings a unique set of skills, but together, we share a common goal: to elevate your business in the digital realm. Dive in to discover the people behind our successful campaigns and how their expertise can transform your business’s online presence.

Evan Ebert

Founder, Lead SEO Strategist

With over 12 years of expertise in digital marketing and a wealth of SEO knowledge, Evan leads Equicity not just as its founder but as a guiding force in the industry. Outside the office, he’s a CrossFit L1 instructor, a yoga and pickleball enthusiast, and a talented voiceover artist. Evan’s blend of professional acumen and personal passions, rooted in his Pacific Northwest upbringing, showcases a unique blend of credibility and holistic living.

Luis Tagudar

Co-founder, Lead Paid Search & Media Buying Strategist

Luis Tagudar, an essential player in Equicity’s foundation and a master of Paid Search & Media Buying, brings a competitive edge and strategic insight. A Minnesota Timberwolves fan and avid Apex Legends player, his approach mirrors his love for competition and hip-hop’s unique beats. Luis, with Filipino roots and dreams of global exploration, had early acting stints in ‘Ping Pong Playa’ and ‘Wizards of Waverly Place.’

Kyle Winkle

Solutions Architect

Kyle Winkle, Equicity’s resident solutions wizard, masterminds our design and innovation with a flair that’s as unique as his hammock spots in the wilderness. Off-duty, he’s likely buried in a non-fiction tome, pondering life’s big ‘what ifs,’ or practicing his stealthy walk in the woods. Who says tech and nature can’t mix?

Isaac Campbell

Design and UX Lead

Master of website design and branding at Equicity, Isaac Campbell weaves storytelling into his digital creations, inspired by films like ‘Tree of Life’ and ‘La La Land.’ With a love for the French countryside’s culture and scenery, his adventurous spirit once led him to navigate a stick shift atop the Rock of Gibraltar.

lou aldrin macaalay

Lou Macaalay

Sales Development

Meet Lou Macaalay, Equicity’s energetic Sales Development Rep, a wizard in client research and market expansion! Guided by the philosophy of ethical sales, he champions the products he believes in. A proud Filipino, Lou’s zest is matched by his impressive martial arts mastery, boasting black belts in Arnis, Judo, and Taekwondo. Lou’s unparalleled dedication and unique talents make him an invaluable gem in our team!

Elle Ebert

Sales Development

Elle Ebert, the vibrant Sales Development Representative at Equicity, excels in connecting with clients and expanding our reach. An unapologetic Swiftie with a penchant for classic rock, she finds joy in the outdoors, family gatherings, and reciting ‘Dumb and Dumber.’ Her love for baking ensures a sweet touch to any party, while dreams of Big Sur reflect her affinity for scenic beauty.

Juan Carlos Angelo Tagudar

Paid Media Marketing Specialist

A Paid Media Marketing Specialist at Equicity, Juan Carlos Angelo Tagudar excels in optimizing budgets and analyzing campaign performance. His dedication to consistency and thorough research underpins his expertise. Inspired by films like ‘Top Gun’ and ‘Train to Busan,’ he’s drawn to Brazil’s vibrant culture and energy.

tejas syani

Tejas Shyani

Development, Design, SEO

Tejas ‘TJ’ Shyani, is our versatile web developer here at Equicity, blending creativity in design with technical SEO savvy. He values working with great people and draws inspiration from ‘The Founder’ and Akon’s music. Proudly Indian, TJ harbors a whimsical ambition to learn a musical instrument, despite his self-professed lack of musical background.

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